From June to August, NABA offers two-week intensive courses in the fields of Design, Fashion, Fine Arts, Multimedia Arts, Communication, Italian Culture in Milan and Rome.

You will be immersed in Italy’s thriving creative community through visits to museums, companies, production facilities, and design studios. Guided by skilled Italian and international professionals, you will explore trends in fashion and design and learn how to research and present a creative idea.

Upon successful completion of each 2-week summer course in Milan, in Rome as well as for the Two Cities, Double Experience programmes (45 hours), NABA will issue 3 CFA credits that can be transferred at the option of each student’s home university.

All Summer Courses are conducted in English.


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Design Retail Summer Header
Interior Design 1 - Session 3

Milan Campus

Providing students an overview of the Italian design methodology, the course introduces them to the analysis of the elements of space, enabling them to focus specifically on interior design and to dive into intensive project works. 

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Fashion Design 1 - Session 3

Milan Campus 

An inspiring discovery of the Italian fashion pipeline with lectures by experienced professionals and guided visits to Milan’s best fashion areas and showrooms. Students will be given an overview of the Italian Fashion System, and they will learn to produce fashion sketches and to carry out research to be used to develop a fashion collection.

20230426 New Summer Borgo Adorno 1066x600
Art and responsible textile conversation

Summer Experience

The course, in collaboration with Archivio Clemen Parrocchetti located in the castle of Borgo Adorno, through a series of preparatory lectures and the opportunity to visit and analyse the 20th Century Italian artist and painter’s Archive, will provide students with the chance to explore matters related to fabric dyeing, focusing on the use of natural materials derived from locally grown plants. The first week will be spent in the village of Borgo Adorno, the second one in NABA Milan Campus Textile laboratories.

202304 Summer Apritimoda Sito 1066x600
Fashion system: research on the Italian creativity

Summer Experience

The course, in collaboration with ApritiModa, will allow students to discover the great heritage of the Italian fashion system and understand the reason why the so-called Made in Italy is paramount worldwide. It will include on-campus lectures and didactic field trips to Milan, Venice, Florence, Alessandria to visit prestigious Italian companies and institutions.

Esec Summer Ux Design Header
Ux Design

Milan Campus

The course introduces students to the fundamentals of User Experience (UX) design, and its central role in problem-solving, from idea generation to digital product design.

Esec Summer Graphic Design Header
Graphic Design

Milan Campus

The course introduces students to the fundamentals of graphic design and enables them to develop print-based and digital outcomes, dwelling on creative ideas and including nods to Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator.