NABA offers a unique opportunity to explore five of its most celebrated courses in the Interior design, Media design and Fashion image and styling paths. The Online Courses grant students a condensed and blended learning version of the most significant trends of design of spaces and resilience design, along with introductory and intermediate level courses on fashion image and styling and interactive storytelling with the chance to experiment with a relevant project theme.

All courses will start on January 24th and will end on February 4th,2022.

Deadline: January 10th, 2022


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Fashion Styling 1
Fashion Image and Styling I

Students will develop an understanding and gain experience in style-hunting and image styling as the foundations of fashion and project development.

Fashion Styling 2
Fashion Image and Styling II

Students will be given technical training in the field of fashion styling needed for the creation of a perfect fashion image, considering trend hunting, set design and photo shooting, and social media strategy & management.

Interior Design 2
Interior Design II

Students will analyse contemporary interiors through observation based on individual research and reflect on the future of Interior Design by rethinking solutions of post-epidemic housing.

Interior Design For Hotels
Interior Design for Hotels

The online course will enable participants to understand the combination of aesthetics, functionality, and operational aspects necessary to design successful hotels.

So Media New Hv 1 Res
Interactive Storytelling

Students will expand their knowledge of narrative forms and will be provided with a critical and analytical toolkit allowing them to understand interactive formats through a combination of theory and practice of non-linear and interactive narratives, project development, and close analysis of digital narratives.