From June to August, NABA offers two-week intensive courses in the fields of Design, Fashion, Fine Arts, Multimedia Arts, Communication, Italian Culture in Milan and Rome.

You will be immersed in Italy’s thriving creative community through visits to museums, companies, production facilities, and design studios. Guided by skilled Italian and international professionals, you will explore trends in fashion and design and learn how to research and present a creative idea.

Upon successful completion of each 2-week summer course in Milan, in Rome as well as for the Two Cities, Double Experience programmes (45 hours), NABA will issue 3 CFA credits that can be transferred at the option of each student’s home university.

All Summer Courses are conducted in English.


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Header Gallery Biennio Fashiontextiledesign 1
Fashion Design 1 (introductory)

Alternatings lectures by experienced professionals to guided visits to Milan’s best fashion areas and showrooms, students will be given an overview of the Italian Fashion System, and they will learn to produce fashion sketches, to carry out research to be used to develop a fashion collection.

Fashion Design 2 (intermediate)

In this course students will create a capsule collection. Concepts, moods and themes will be conceived and developed to provide inspiration for clothing, color and shape.

Fashion Image & Styling I
Fashion image and styling 1 (introductory)

Students will develop an understanding and gain experience in style-hunting and image styling as the foundations of fashion and project development approach.

Fashion and Image Styling II
Fashion image and styling 2 (intermediate)

Students will experience the excitement of producing a photo shooting in a real work environment: live models, shooting location, and in a professional studio. The course will teach specific technical training to create a new image for a body and its clothes encompassing make-up techniques, hair shapes, location, light, photography.

Summer Hand Illustration
Hand Illustration (introductory)

Students will learn to create effective, powerful images and interesting illustrations applicable to different professional areas. Alternating lectures and practical workshops, the course will show different techniques, processes and approaches.

Interaction Design Header
Interaction Design (introductory)

During this course, you will have the chance to participate in the ideation, design, and implementation of an interactive project using the Touch Board, a device that turns touch into sounds and makes any surface interactive.

Interior Design Hotels
Interior Design for Hotels

The course will enable participants to understand the combination of aesthetics, functionality, and of operational aspects necessary to design successful hotels, by exploration of the extensive and complex field of interior design within the hospitality industry, and of the way it is changing and evolving.

Interior Design II
Interior Design 2 (intermediate)

This course is intended for students with a background with some background and experience in the field of interior design. It will analyze contemporary interior spaces through observation and individual research, to develop a professional designer’s attitude, searching for materials as a source of inspiration by exploring the city.