From June to August, NABA offers two-week intensive courses in the fields of Design, Fashion, Fine Arts, Multimedia Arts, Communication, Italian Culture in Milan and Rome.

You will be immersed in Italy’s thriving creative community through visits to museums, companies, production facilities, and design studios. Guided by skilled Italian and international professionals, you will explore trends in fashion and design and learn how to research and present a creative idea.

Upon successful completion of each 2-week summer course in Milan, in Rome as well as for the Two Cities, Double Experience programmes (45 hours), NABA will issue 3 CFA credits that can be transferred at the option of each student’s home university.

All Summer Courses are conducted in English.


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Visual Merchandising (intermediate)

The analysis of visual merchandising strategies for showrooms, concept stores, mono-brand stores, and department stores, will be the key elements of this course, along with the study and understanding of the tools used to create a strategic language for fashion brands.

Vr And 360 Video Production Header
VR and 360° video creation (introductory)

This course explores all aspects of producing a 360° video using today’s most relevant technologies. By including hands-on practice of a virtual reality project, students will develop the concept, choose the technology, do preproduction, shoot in 360° video, and will follow by the post-production processes of editing, stitching, finalizing, and publishing 360° videos.

Board Game Design Header
Board Game Design (introductory)

This course focuses on a specific kind of gaming experience – board games – which requires more than one player, and thus encourages the development of social skills such as cooperation, negotiation, bluffing, and persuasion.

Costume design for cinema (intermediate)

In this course, you will get an overview of the process of costume design for the performance industry, along with an understanding of the important role that costuming plays in character creation.

Creative Coding Header
Creative Coding (introductory)

In this course, participants will study the history and philosophy behind the artistic use of technology. Students will learn coding strategies, explore how to include coding in the creative process, and discover how computing tools can enhance their creativity.

Curatorial Studies Header
Curatorial studies and exhibition design (intermediate)

Alongside theoretical knowledge, the course offers a well-structured path to develop curatorial projects, from the research and production of a concept, to its organization and display.

Fashion Illustration
Fashion Illustration 1 (introductory)

This course introduces students to the world of Fashion Illustration. Starting from anatomical figures and the process of stylization, participants will have the chance to create various styles of clothing, including the analysis of different textile materials.

Header Gallery Fashion Design
Fashion Illustration 2 (intermediate)

This course aims to introduce students to the world of Fashion Illustration, starting from anatomical drawing and the different types of illustrations, to arrive to the study of both hand and digital illustration.