From June to August, NABA offers two-week intensive courses in the fields of Design, Fashion, Fine Arts, Multimedia Arts, Communication, Italian Culture in Milan and Rome.

You will be immersed in Italy’s thriving creative community through visits to museums, companies, production facilities, and design studios. Guided by skilled Italian and international professionals, you will explore trends in fashion and design and learn how to research and present a creative idea.

Upon successful completion of each 2-week summer course in Milan, in Rome as well as for the Two Cities, Double Experience programmes (45 hours), NABA will issue 3 CFA credits that can be transferred at the option of each student’s home university.

All Summer Courses are conducted in English.


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Film Documentary Summer H
Film documentary

Rome Campus 

Recommended for students wishing to explore audiovisual production and to find a real and fruitful expressive possibility in the film documentary industry, the course is structured into three parts: introduction to documentary films; pre-production of a personal or team project; production of a short film. 

Sound design
Sound design - Session 1

Milan Campus 

This course combines critical-cultural knowledge, creative research, technical and technological practice, analysis and design of sound in different production areas: from electronic music production to sound design for film, television and radio. 

Sound branding

Milan Campus 

Within the set of human senses and by combining critical-cultural knowledge, creative research, technical and technological practice with the analysis and design of sound brands, students will focus on the value of sound in building a brand identity and will acquire the knowledge necessary for the production of a final sound branding project.

Design Gallery Summer H
Design gallery

Rome Campus 

The course introduces students to the tradition of product design linked to the Italian territory. Through the analysis of high-level design connected to the world of craftsmanship, students will be able to develop their own idea and project. The frame of style and the language of the city of Rome will provide elements of inspiration for the creation of new design scenarios.

Visual Storytelling Summer H
Visual storytelling

Rome Campus 

The course is part of visual design and introduces participants to a form of visual storytelling that is able to integrate the creation of images and textual content. 

Motion Graphic Summer H
Motion graphic

Rome Campus

The course explores the field of motion graphic by focusing on and putting into practice After Effects software skills, for the realisation of graphic design projects or other multimedia production experimentations, characterised by different types of animations and dynamism.

Fashion Digital Drawing H
Fashion digital drawing

Milan Campus 

This course introduces students to the world of fashion digital drawing. Starting from anatomical figures and the basic skills of drawing with the Adobe software on their own laptops, participants will have the chance to create various styles of clothing, including the rendering of different textile materials.

Set1 12
Concept art

Milan Campus 

This course is intended for students without any academic background in the specific subject area and for students attending their first year of university studies in Art and Design.